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Hi~ I am an online and offline Psychology Tutor:Mentor filling the gap of tailored academic coaching for the Psycho-Social Student Tribe. Sign up to the enews tips and tricks to review and get the most from your academic adventure as you chart your course to success!
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An abundance of recyclables exist across the Cairns Region. If you don’t have time to refurbish/create/finish a project, let us know at RRC, as we have teams to do that for you!!!

Looking for work? Additional income? Make contact with Char (Coordinator) and be on our call back list for booked projects.
m: 0449 252 438 e:

A volunteer with Reuse and Recycle,…

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mini golf

Mini-golf course in the backyard~ yes please!

Practice your short game after work, on the weekends and at bbq gatherings.

Such fun! Cairns Sustainable Garden Designs uses repurposed materials to create your outdoor adventure landscapes.

An initiative of Reuse and Recycle, Cairns
Book a free consultation with Char: 0449 252 438

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Flyn Table

Get your garden glowing amongst the grow~
repurposed materials, tailored designs
Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc.

Pallet and other repurposed wood furnishings
Cushions, shade, mobiles and scarecrows
Wicking beds, aquaponic systems, irrigation
Sustainable landscape designs

wendy and lens garden

Phone Char for a chat about your ideas and home projects, m: 0449 252 438

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What We Need at the Mo

Cairns-ites kindly ask us often: What do you need?

At the mo, we have a few specific item requests. Email or phone Char for a drop off point, or we will do our best to pick up:

  • broken/unwanted jewellery
  • craft/art supplies and materials
  • tshirts
  • sox
  • hubcaps
  • keyrings
  • keys

sox n shirts

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How do I Re-Home a Pallet?

Sometimes you have stuff home-delivered and are left with a Pallet.

Awesome resource!

Tho you may not have the time or inclination to repurpose your pallet. So, here are some ways to Pass-It-On:

  • Share on your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Encourage friends to share as well.


  • What is your mobi number and we let people know on FB; they call you.

    reuse and recycle icon

  • Pop the pallet onto your front…

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Association for Sustainability

I re-signed the club for the free membership with the Association for Sustainability in Business:

Where can I get materials for a chookhouse?

Got a phone call this arvie from a lad looking to build a chookhouse. Where to get materials in Cairns?

Post a callout on Facebook
Cairns and surrounds Friendly and fun…chicks and eggs
Cairns Freecycle
Reuse and Recycle, Cairns

Visit a Depot
View our google map

Collect some pallets
Bunnings, Cairns Hardware, Masters Hardware and Power of the Palletshave stock available. Check with Storeperson re.…

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What’s in your Pill? Be part of the Clinical Trials!

ARTx – The Pill Project - Timothy Wolfe

The Artist Hub #promotion for shows, social #networking, radio airplay & digital distribution